IAF Airmen Groups, Trades & Nature of Work

Do you want to join the IAF? Are you interested in IAF Airmen recruitment? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve provided the complete list of Airmen trades and their nature of work.

Airmen Trades Groups Duties

This guide will give you insights into the life of airmen. It will give you a basic idea about the nature of work. In short, this guide will help you make an informed choice (regarding your career).


IAF Airmen Groups

Airmen post consists of four main groups. They are –

  • Group X (Technical) Trades
  • Group X (Non-Technical) Trades
  • Group Y (Technical) Trades
  • Group Y (Non-Technical) Trades


Each Group consists of many trades. The names of trades and their nature of work have been provided below –


Airmen Trades and their Nature of Work


Group X (Technical) Trades

Automobile Fitter: In this trade you are responsible for maintenance and repair of all types of light and heavy duty mechanical vehicles, cranes and loading equipment etc.


Electronics Fitter: As an Electronics Fitter you operate and maintain Radar, Voice and Data transmission and reception equipment mounted on latest airborne weapon delivery systems and ground based air defence systems. You will get trained in Digital Electronics, measuring instruments, radar technology, latest electronic devices and related trade fundamentals.


Electrical Fitter: You will maintain power supply system of latest types of aircraft, airborne missiles and associated ground systems. You will also maintain photo equipment mounted on air borne weapon systems and operate ground based photo systems. You will get trained in electrical trade, operation and maintenance of digital devices, electronics devices etc.


Mechanical System Fitter: You will repair and maintain mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems of airborne missiles, engines, automobiles and aircraft fueling equipment. Complete aircraft ground support equipment will also be repaired and maintained by you. You will be trained in handling and preparation of bombs and explosives and in electrical system, workshop and mechanical trades as well as automobile mechanics.


Structures Fitter: As Structure Fitter, you are responsible for the maintenance and servicing of air frames and their accessories, components and controls of aircraft. Regular checks for the entire hydraulic and pneumatic system to ensure proper functioning against leaks are also part of your duties. You will also be assigned the responsibility of marshaling, parking, picketing and ground handling of aircraft.


Propulsion Fitter: In this trade you will repair, maintain and prepare for use the propulsion system of aircraft and other airborne weapon delivery system.


Workshop Fitter (Smith): You will undertake major structural repairs of all aircraft at central repair facilities. You will also be trained in workshop trade for material treatment, welding, heat treatment, smithy and basic machine tools etc.


Workshop Fitter (Mechanical): You will undertake repair and maintenance work of mechanical nature. You will be trained in workshop trade and practices.


Weapon Fitter: In this trade, you will prepare, maintain and service armaments, ammunition and safety equipment of aircraft, missiles and other weapon delivery systems. You will also operate and maintain small arms and bomb destruction equipment. You will be trained to handle bombs, explosives, arms and their installation on weapon delivery platforms.


Group X (Non-Technical) Trades

Education Instructor: As an Education Instructor you will run training programme at instructional schools and improve education level of Air Force Personnel.


Group Y (Technical) Trades

Communication Technician: As a Communication Technician you will operate, service and maintain all types of state of the art communication devices, telephone exchange and radio equipment.


Automobile Technician: As an Automobile Technician you will drive all types of light, medium and heavy automobiles, load carriers and specialist vehicles like cranes, towing tractors, fork lifters etc. subject to service exigencies. As a technician you will also carry out minor repairs, day to day maintenance and basic level servicing of the common user vehicles and specialist vehicles in the Indian Air Force inventory.


Group Y (Non-Technical) Trades

Admin Assistant: As an Admin Assistant you will maintain and analyze records, files and information of personnel. You will also manage ration supplies, cook houses and messes.


Accounts Assistant: As an Accounts Assistant you will record and manage accounting of pay and allowances, equipment, logistics transactions, public fund and cash flow etc.


Medical Assistant: You are made familiar with nursing and first-aid. You are also involved in management of medical stores, dispensaries and ward supervision.


Logistics Assistant: As a Logistics Assistant, you are involved in the procurement, storage and handling inventory control as well as accounting of military stores.


Environment Support Services Assistant (ESSA): This job involves maintenance of the firefighting section. It also requires that you ensure the upkeep of hygiene of Air Force Campus.


Ops Assistant: As an Ops Assistant you will operate various systems of Air Traffic Control Centre, Air Field and Air Defence System. You will be trained in operation of Radars, Display Units, reporting and tracking procedures of airborne weapon systems etc.


Meteorological Assistant: If you are a Meteorological Assistant, you are trained to undertake weather observation and to maintain meteorological instruments. You are also responsible for plotting of charts, taking balloon observations and compilation of weather summaries.


Ground Training Instructor (GTI): As a Ground Training Instructor, you will train personnel on drill, parade, handling of arms and physical exercise. You are also responsible for organizing and conducting all games and sports activities.


Indian Air Force (Police) [IAF (P)]: In the position of Indian Air Force (Police) your responsibilities involve assuming police duties and investigation of offences. You are also in-charge of maintenance of security.


Indian Air Force (Security) [IAF (S)]: As an Indian Air Force (Security) tradesman, you are to undertake special operations and carry out high level security operations.


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Musician: As a Musician you will become a part of the Air Force Band. You will be trained to play different musical instruments.


I hope this guide has been of help to you. As promised, I’ve covered all major groups belonging to airmen category.


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