IAF Permanent Body Tattoo Rules

Are you all set to take part in IAF Airmen recruitment rally? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve provided all the details about acceptability/unacceptability of candidates due to permanent body tattoos during the rally.

IAF recruitment tattoo

I’ve decided to write this article after coming across multiple questions related to the acceptability of permanent body tattoos while attending Airmen recruitment rally. Candidates have been asking me these questions on Facebook.


After answering each one of them, I decided to write an article on the same topic. So, here we are! In the next section, you will be reading about the types of body tattoos that are allowed by the Selection Centre.


Body Tattoos in the following areas are accepted –

  • On the inner face of the forearms (inside of the elbow to the wrist)
  • Back part of the palm (reverse side of the palm)


Tattoo allowed area forearm


Tattoo allowed area palm


Candidates may sport appropriate tattoos within the area enclosed by green lines. Note: Indecent, lewd and inappropriate tattoos won’t be entertained by the authorities!


Relaxation in cases of candidates belonging to specific tribes

Some tribes sport permanent body tattoos because it is a part of their custom and tradition. In such cases, sporting a body tattoo will not result in rejection. However, candidate must carry proof that he belongs to a relevant tribe.


Important Note

While applying for the recruitment rally, candidates with permanent body tattoo must submit a photograph of the tattoo (with details of the size and type) to the authorities. Despite all the conditions, the final right to accept/reject a candidate on the grounds of sporting a permanent body tattoo rests with the Selection Centre.


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