Advantages of Government Jobs

Getting a Government job has become very difficult these days. Competition among govt job aspirants has increased exponentially! The number of applicants keep on increasing each year while vacancies remain the same or see no significant increase! Why this craze for govt jobs, you may ask. Well, there are many benefits that it offers. In this article, you will be reading about the benefits of government jobs!

Government jobs advantages

Here are some of the main advantages/benefits that a govt job offers –


Advantages/benefits of government jobs

1 Job security

One of the main factors responsible for the craze for govt job is – job security. Unlike the private sector, public sector offers much better job security.


Govt employees, to an extent, don’t have to worry much about layoffs, pay-cuts (related to performance and other reasons) etc.


2 Decent salary

There’s a notion that the private sector pays better than the public sector. When talking about executive level posts, it may be true. Overall, govt employees do get decent salary.


In cases of entry level and skill based jobs (driver, plumber, mechanic, electrician etc), govt jobs pay much better that private sector.


Pay package of a govt employee consists of basic salary, DA, TA, house rent, gratuity, bonuses and other perks. Combining them all together, the amount that an employee receives is more than adequate to live a good life!


3 Fixed working hours

Private sector is notorious for its long working hours. When it comes to govt jobs, working hours are fixed (there are exceptions though). Usually, govt employees work from 9 to 5.


This enables them to lead and enjoy decent family life. They are able to spare time for family affairs.


Govt jobs such as policing and armed forces can’t be said to have fixed working hours.


4 Easy access to loans

Salary slip from a government organization is enough to secure a loan. Govt employees find it easy to obtain home loans, vehicle loans, education loans etc.


5 Timely promotions

In cases of most of the govt organizations, promotions are based on service period. In private sector, promotions are performance based (in many cases). For govt employees, getting a promotion is just a matter of time! The promotion arrives after x years!


6 Medical and pension benefits

Govt employees (and their family) get to enjoy good medical insurance cover. They also get post-retirement benefits such as – pension, gratuity, PF, salary arrears etc.


7 Availability of adequate leaves

Govt employees get to enjoy all of the govt declared holidays. Besides that, they also have access to decent number of leaves.


This fact is not true in cases of few govt jobs such as – police force, armed forces, transport departments, railways dept etc.


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